Our Services

ReportandResearch.com offers the following services to help you streamline your research requirements in your areas of interest.

Report Selection - If you have a specific business query and are not sure whether a report fulfills your requirements, connect with us. Our team will understand your specific requirement and suggest the right report as per your needs. They will also help you suggest whether it requires any custom research and will connect you to the right experts in that area.

Custom Research - If you feel the report does not meet your 100% requirement, but only a part of it; contact us for custom research. Our team of experts will understand your precise requirements, budget and timelines. We will prepare a scope document in consultation with you. We will then bid for your requirement within our selected partners, so that you receive a cost efficient yet quality custom research.

Instant Alerts - Receive instant updates as soon as a new research report in your market and interest areas gets added to ReportandResearch.com. Stay ahead of your competition using our alert tool. Click here to sign up for Instant Alerts!

Academic Services - We understand the research requirements of management colleges and universities. Our tailor made database of market research and business insights across various industries caters exactly to the requirements of the students and the faculties. Further to facilitate institute wide access we provide IP based access to the institutes. Use our Academic subscription to get insights and business intelligence useful for their case studies. For more information or free trial, write us at academic@reportandresearch.com

Corporate Services - If your firm invests in too many reports a year, pick and chose the titles as per your set of industries, and subscribe annually for those titles at a much discounted rate. Our corporate services allow you to manage and control all corporate research purchases from a single source. In addition our research specialists help you in report selection, custom research and consulting services. For more information, contact us at corporate@reportandresearch.com